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Ball-ups...'funner' than sit-ups!

Coach Corey

Private Fitness for Children 3 to 13


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School is back...time for Funner Fitter Fall!

Corey Love is a Certified Youth Fitness Instructor with over 20 years of experience in the Children's Fitness Industry. Corey is highly recommended by West Los Angeles Pediatricians and Occupational Therapists.

Dynamic Movement IntegrationTM.  "DMI" is a unique training method, designed by Corey, that develops motor skill function and teaches athleticism--not just sport skills. This is achieved by first establishing basic motor skills--such as  forward jumping, hopping, hurdle-running, etc.--and moving onto more advance movements--jump turns, spinning hurdles--that require advance motor-planning; physical, improvisational reactions; and athletic multitasking.

Sessions are conducted at your home or nearby park in the Santa Monica/ Pacific Palisades area. Corey has extensive  experience with Preschool age and Special Needs children, including Autistic Spectrum.


-  DMI: development of 
   coordination, motor skills, 
-  Complete personalized program
   based on child's needs.
-  Fitness and/or Sports Training.
-  Strength/cardio for older 
-  Performance training for 
   advance athletes.
-  Commitment to health and fun!

-  Improved balance, dexterity, and
   hand-eye coordination.
-  Immediate and sustained results
   from one-on-one instruction.
-  Significant increase in 
   confidence and self esteem.
-  Enthusiasm to participate in 
   team sports.
-  Increased core-strength, 
   muscle tone, stamina,